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Feb 18th, 2019

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Handy Bt Trait Table - Updated for 2018

There is a major revamp of the Trait Table for 2018.

*The lay out was changed to improve readability. Trait packages are now alphabetized, instead of grouped by seed company. Insect and herbicide columns were redesigned to replace letter abbreviations with simple ‘Xs'.

*The "Ineffectiveness" column was relabeled "Resistance to a Bt protein in the trait package has developed in", because that is really the point of the column. It lists insects which are resistant or cross-resistant to a Bt protein in the hybrid package. This column is intended to alert producers and consultants to potential management problems and to encourage field scouting. Resistance may be widespread (as in WBC) or regional (as in rootworm). Growers must check with local extension educators and seed dealers to determine the status of Bt resistance in their local area.

*Based on results of lab assays and field research, all seed companies removed western bean cutworm control from the Cry1F Bt protein. Only hybrids with Vip3A provide reliable control of this insect. This change is reflected in the table.

To view or download the trait table, click below.

December 2017 Bt Trait Table 

Citations for reduced effectiveness