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Jul 23rd, 2016

Field Crops Entomology Program
Michigan State University

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Spider mite bulletins for corn and soybeans

Back on June 26, the US Drought Monitor reported that in central and southern Michigan, 60-day rainfall was 50% to 70% of normal, while topsoil moisture was 60% short to very short. This deficit will only get larger as dry weather continued over the 4th of July weekend across much of the state. While dry conditions are unfavorable for many insects, not so for spider mites (the last spider mite outbreak was in 2012). Just in case mites become an issue in the next month, I redid the spider mite bulletin for soybeans, and created one for corn. Managing mites is frustrating, so lets hope you don't actually need them.

Rating infestations of spider mites on SOYBEANS    or    CORN