MSU Weed Science - Department of Crop and Soil Sciences
Feb 18th, 2019

ENT 404, Fundamentals of Entomology
Instructor: Chris DiFonzo, Field Crops Entomologist

Offered every fall term, for 3 credits
Lecture ~ Monday/ Wednesday
9:10-10:00 am
304 Natural Science Building

Lab ~ Tuesday/ Thursday
Choose among three lab sections
352 Natural Science Building

Fundamentals of Entomology has a simple goal.
By the end of the course, you should think:
* Insects are amazing/ bizarre/ fascinating;
* I can use some of this information in my job or graduate degree;
* I am glad I took this course (even if it was required).

ENT 404 is geared for students with a background in biology and ecology, but no or little experience with insects. It is appropriate for sophomores and juniors majoring in Entomology, and juniors and seniors in other departments in CANR or CNS, such as Crop & Soil Science, Horticulture, Fisheries & Wildlife, Forestry, Environmental Science, and Zoology. Graduate students interested in entomology may also find the course useful, but please contact me before enrolling to make sure the course covers what you expect.

ENT 404 provides a broad overview of entomology, covering:
- collection, preservation, and identification insects
- basic anatomy and physiology
- biology of important orders
- insects as beneficial organisms (pollination, biocontrol, etc)
- insects as pest organisms (herbivory, blood feeding, disease transmission, etc.)

Students who take ENT 404 have the background to take many other courses in the Entomology Department, including higher level courses in systematics, physiology, molecular entomology, biological control, and insect behavior.

You can see the syllabus from fall 2008.