MSU Weed Science - Department of Crop and Soil Sciences
Feb 18th, 2019

ENT 477, Pesticide Course
Instructor: Chris DiFonzo, Field Crops Entomologist

Offered fall term of EVEN YEARS, for 3 credits
Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday, 8:00-8:50 am, 304 Natural Science Building

 ENT 477 is geared for students with a background in biology, and an interest in pesticide modes of action, regulation and impacts. It is appropriate juniors, seniors, and graduate students in CANR departments, such as Entomology, Crop & Soil Science, Horticulture, Fisheries & Wildlife, Forestry. Students in other colleges with an interest in environmental science or public policy may also find the course useful.


Aerial spray application
to wheat in Iraq.

Picture provided by
Major Jamie Blow, US Army

ENT 477 provides a broad overview of pesticides, covering:
* the history of pesticide use prior to World War II
* DDT and its impact on pest control and public policy
* types and modes of action of modern insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, antimicrobials, rodenticides, biologicals, PIPs, and adjuvants
* Rachel Carson and Silent Spring
* pesticide development, regulation, and labeling
* pesticide levels in the environment and food
* potential health affects of pesticide exposure
* risk communication

As part of the course, students also find pesticides in the news, adopt a pesticide buddy, shop for organic food, and write a press release for a pesticide spill.

The next time this course will be offered is FALL TERM of 2010

View a copy of the 2008 syllabus.