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Jan 21st, 2019
ENT 812
Insects in the Cinema

Need something to do this weekend? Watch a Big-Bad-Bug movie.

But before you do, read reviews from students in ENT 812, Insects in the Cinema.

We sat through these movies so you don't have to.

Movies reviewed in 2010:

Them! (1954) ~ The original four-star insect classic that started it all.
Review by Chris DiFonzo

Beginning of the End (1957) ~ The Illinois State Experimental Farm screws up big time.
Reviews by Matt Aardema and Dan Hulbert

Mothra versus Godzilla (1961) - Lepidopterans save Japan from famous lizard.
Reviews by Godzilla Fan-Boys Stephen Burr and John Green

Invasion of the Bee Girls
(1973) ~ Bee women seduce men death.
Reviews by Nate Walton and Megan Woltz

(1975) ~ Earthquake unleashes pyromaniac insects.
Reviews by Liu Yang and Sarah Willson

The Swarm (1978) ~ Sometimes called 'the worst disaster film ever made'. And it's true.
Particularly hilarious reviews by Danielle Donovan and Becky Wright

The Fly (1986) ~ Jeff Goldblum's breakout performance as a Dipteran.
Review by Pete Nelson and an essay on Man, Nature, & Machine by T. Michael Kates

(1997) ~ Scientist creates a 'judas breed' of predator bugs, with unexpected results.
Reviews by Kelly Barnett and Vianney Willot

Starship Troopers (1997) ~ Gung-ho humans battle an arthropod enemy in space. Based on a Robert J. Heinlein scifi story awarded best novel of 1960.
Reviews by Bernice Demarco and Sarah Smith