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Feb 18th, 2019

Free Extension Bulletins from the
MSU Field Crops Entomology Lab

This web site provides free extension materials on field crops insects.
Insecticide recommendations (MSU Bulletin E1582) are at the bottom of the page.

Aphids in Wheat (pdf)

March of the armyworms  - corn  (pdf)
March of the armyworms  - wheat

Cereal leaf beetle in malting barley  (pdf)

Blister beetle

Cantharidin content and lethal dose of common Michigan blister beetles  (pdf)

Bt/ GM Crops

Handy Bt Trait Table  (pdf)
Top Ten Tips to Reduce Trait Torture (pdf)

Cereal Leaf Beetle (pdf)

Corn Blotch leafminer (pdf)

Corn Rootworm
Rating Corn Rootworm Larval Damage: the 0 to 3 node-injury scale  (pdf)
Managing western corn rootworm resistance to Bt on the Fringe  (pdf)
Western corn rootworm adult-feeding on corn  (pdf)

Defoliators - Soybean
What the h*#& is defoliating my soybeans?
Silver-spotted skipper, a curiosity in soybean  (pdf)

Defoliators - Wheat
What the h*#& is head-clipping my wheat?  (pdf)
Cereal leaf beetle  (pdf)
Grass sawfly (pdf)
Winter cutworm  (pdf)


Garden fleahopper on soybeans  (pdf)

Grass Sawfly
Grass sawfly feeding in Michigan wheat fields (pdf)

Identifying white grubs: No Its, Ands, or Butts. (pdf)
Asiatic garden beetle in Michigan field crops (pdf)
Asiatic garden beetle, a new pest of corn, potato, & alfalfa in SW Michigan (pdf)

Neonicotinoid Seed Treatments
The effectiveness of neonicotinoid seed treatmetns in soybean [E-268]  (pdf)

Soybean Aphid
Heavy soybean aphid infestations on early-season soybeans (pdf)
Soybean aphid management in Michigan  (pdf)
Soybean aphid, a buckthorn bonanza  (pdf)

Spider Mite
Rating infestations in soybean  (pdf)
Rating infestations in corn  (pdf)
Cheat sheet for miticides in Michigan field crops (pdf)

Springtail feeding on emerging crops (especially sugarbeets)  (pdf)

Stink Bugs
Stink bug damage to corn (pdf)
Brown marmorated stink bug moves into the midwest (pdf)

Western bean cutworm
Identification and life cycle (pdf)

Milk jug trapping  (pdf)
Realistic WBC moth identification from traps  (pdf)

First confirmation of corn damage in Michigan (2007)  (pdf)
First detection of WBC moth catch and larval feeding in Michigan (2006-2008)  (pdf)
Helpful pictures from a heavily infested field

Where are they now? Quick guide to WBC size and location on corn
WBC in whorl (V10-14) stage corn (pdf)
Update on corn research from the 2010 season (pdf)
Managing WBC in field corn  (pdf)

WBC damage to dry beans  (pdf)
Managing WBC dry beans    (pdf)
WBC in dry beans - Quick Recommendation sheet (pdf)

Update on dry bean research in  the 2010 season (pdf)

Winter cutworm

Winter cutworm, Noctua pronuba: First report of economic damage in Michigan  

Modified Corn Growth Staging (pdf)