MSU Weed Science - Department of Crop and Soil Sciences
Sep 25th, 2018

Courses taught by Chris

ENT 404 ~ Fundamentals of Entomology

Insect classification, diversity, and evolution. Insect behavior and ecology. Importance of insects to humans and the environment.

Semester:  Fall of every year
Credits:  3  (2 hours lecture, 4 hours lab)
Prerequisites:  BS162 or PLB105 or LB144

Summer Collecting for ENT 404
The best way to learn your insects is to collect and ID your own specimens. Thus I require a collection for ENT 404, Fundamentals of Entomology, in fall term. The collection is worth approximately 1/3 of the grade, but you can get most of the insects collected ahead of time over the summer. The better job you do preserving your catch (see below), the easier it will be to pin in the fall.  DO NOT pin your insects yet - we will learn to do that correctly in lab.  Click here for collecting, preservation, and data tips. A great start would be to bring 100 different insects (different species) to class in the fall.


ENT 477 ~ Pesticides in Management Systems

Chemistry, modes of action, and environmental fate of pesticides. Product development and regulation. Social aspects of pesticide use.

Semester: Fall of even years
Credits:  3 (lecture)
Recommended background: CEM 143 or CEM 257; PLP 405; CSS 402; ENT 404
Restrictions:  Open only to junior, seniors, and graduate students.

Study Abroad Course ~ Tropical Agriculture in Sri Lanka

One-month study abroad examines agriculture in one of the most diverse countries in the world - Sri Lanka (formerly Ceylon, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean). Course covers crop production in the dry land and central mountain regions of Sri Lanka, including tea, paddy, terraced vegetable production and aquaculture. Students also visit important Buddhist historical sites.

Program leader:  Chris DiFonzo
Semester: 4 weeks, early May - early June
Credits: 6 included in program cost
Recommended background: crop or soil science, horticulture, pest management, environmental studies
See Office of Study Abroad web site for details.

Other recommended Entomology courses

ENT 410 ~ Apiculture and Pollination

Description: Biology of bees and their relationship to flowers, pollination, and crop production.

Instructor:  Walt Pett
S emester:  Fall of every year
Credits: 2 (1 hours lecture, 2 hours lab)


ENT 838  ~ Systematics, Morphology, Biology: Immatures

Description: Classification, identification, morphology, biology and evolutionary relationships of immature insects. Emphasis on terrestrial holometabola. Collection required.

Instructor: Gary Parsons
Semester: Fall of even years
Credits:   3 (1 hour lecture, 7 hours lab)
Recommended Background:   ENT 404

ENT 848 ~ Biological Control of Insects and Weeds

Description: Principles and practices in the application of natural enemies to control arthropod and weed pests. ID and biology of beneficial species, and the ecological basis for thier use in pest management systems.

Instructor:  Doug Landis
Semester:   Spring of odd years
Credits: 3 (2 hours lecture, 3 hours lab)